$25 Teen Drug Screens

Porter Drug & Alcohol Screens really wants to make a difference in the Kingwood/Porter area and is now offering $25 drug screens to parents who are interested in testing their teenagers.  Please call or Contact Us today in order to set up an appointment.  We want to give you the peace of mind and knowledge that you deserve.

Where can I get help for my loved one?

“Out Patient” Options Is your loved one in legal trouble?  They may be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings or something similar.  There are plenty of options, and if you and your loved one are serious about finding a solution to their addiction, then the quality of the meeting is important. Not all AA or NA meetings…

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Help, is my child addicted or experimenting

One of the worries many parents have is that their child is addicted to alcohol or drugs.  Conversely, many parents dismiss drug or alcohol use as “experimenting”.  When you have a drug or alcohol test that comes back positive, parents or guardians easily veer toward either one of these. The reality is there is no right answer.  You’ve got to…

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